Current and Old Newsletters


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FODM arrives; current situation with the community garden group; Oliver, a border collie, writes why he likes the park.

Update on community garden; Dog of the Month is Gracie owned by Fran and Bill Craig.

FODM presents first donation to City Council of Novato, much to its surprise; ​Dogs of the Month are Lily and Bella owned by Myana.

How to enter the dog park; chicken jerky from China; annual meeting notice; Dog of the Month is Rob Roy owned by Raul Carter.​

First BarkFest fundraiser coming up; report on first work party.

Second donation to City Council; advice about how to avoid getting run down by playful dogs at the dog park.  

Foods toxic to dogs; reaction to "No Smoking" signs.

Yes, you have to pick up after your dog; volunteering at LITA; prep for the Pawsta Feed.​

Death cap mushroom; our thanks to Journey Ford; request for volunteers.

Emergency number for ASPCA Poison Control Hotline; San Marin students plant tree; garden group cancels plan for road through park.

Tips from dog behavior workshop; community garden won't even need a little corner of the dog park; funraising begins for small dog park.

Attempted treatment of gophers; review of The Other End of the Leash.

Pictures from BarkFest 2; list of supporters; warning about bordetella outbreak; warning about mushrooms and fallen walnuts.

Holiday event rained out; Pawsta Feed cancelled; moldy walnuts; necessary to be vigilant at dog park to avoid accidents; dog of the month Angie McGraw and Sadie.

The scoop on poop; a plea that people not congregate around the gate; BarkFest 2 alert.​

Remembering Annie Ramos; San Marin seniors help out; fundraising for small dog park; important reminders about foxtails.

Announcement of this website; pictures from the Fourth of July parade; update on BarkFest 3.

Pictures from BarkFest 3, information about owl boxes at Dogbone Meadow, new way to donate a few pennies per Amazon purchase.

Holiday discount on tee shirts and caps; update on incident outside Dogbone Meadow; grass is growing!

Presentation of $7,000 to City Council for small dog area; beginning of series of articles about park rules; warning about mushrooms.

Newsletter 21

Whoops!  Due to absentmindedness of the editor, Newsletter 21 was skipped entirely and we went from 20 to 22.

Update and map re road to Community Garden -- now it might be going around the dog park instead of through it; discussion of park rule regarding aggression; warning about FOXTAILS! 

Warning about potential kennel cough outbreak; illustrations of dog aggression; discussion of park rule regarding unneutered dogs.

Newsletter 24

Temporary fence going in to create small dog area; road through dog park back on the table; discussion of rules regarding children at dog park; pictures from Howl-o-Ween.

Report on weeding party; pet friendly wineries;

completion of discussion of park rules; a small victory in having a trash can moved so it is more accessible to dog park users in the large dog area.

Warning about return of foxtails, reports of dogs being hit at the dog park, pictures from the fourth anniversary party.

Annual meeting recap; gopher warning; Boy Scouts pick up walnuts; thanks to SO MANY volunteers.

Time to weed again, Dr. Jeff Williams coming to speak at Dogbone Meadow, Save-the-Date for Clean and Green Day, thanks to the Maintenance Dept. for dealing with the last of the walnuts this season.

Warnings about foxtails and about the heat.  Plans A and B for the dog park renovation.


Newsletter 30

Last fiscal year's accomplishments, pleas for funds for Porta-potty, reminders not to give treats to other people's dogs and no smoking!