What are the hours of Dogbone Meadow?

Dogbone Meadow is open from dawn to sunset every day. Every Wednesday, the park closes from 8:00 a.m. to noon for maintenance.​



Who owns the dog park?

Dogbone Meadow is part of O'Hair Park and is owned and operated by the City of Novato Parks and Recreation Department.


How do I post something on the bulletin board?

You can tape what you want to post on the outside of the bulletin board, and the next Board member who goes to the park will put it inside the glass.  PLEASE DATE ALL ANNOUNCEMENTS.


Why can't I smoke at the dog park?

 Smoking is not allowed at any city park, and Dogbone Meadow is no exception.  


Why can't my child climb the trees at Dogbone Meadow?

City regulations prohibit anyone climbing trees at Dogbone Meadow.  Moreover, most of the trees are walnut trees, and the limbs are quite brittle.  The dirt around the trees has compacted over the years, so it would be a hard fall for your child should a branch break.  Children are welcome at Dogbone Meadow, but it should be remembered that it is a DOG PARK and not all dogs are receptive to children.  Even friendly dogs on the can send a child flying, and consideirng a child might land in dog poop, it is vital that parents be super-aware when bringing children to the dog park.