Volunteers Tally and Joan wonder if the sun will ever come out.

Trophies for the various contests -- the big one awaits Best Dog.

Judges Brian, Mayor Pat, and Shari.

Kelly and her dog Mollie win the competition for the Dog that Looks Most Like Its Owner -- hair texture being the deciding factor.

Ryder the Rapper wins Best Costumed Dog -- with his owner Peter.

Matt sings "I'm in the Mood for Love" to Oliver in the competition for Most Affectionate Dog -- and they win!

Pepper, winner of Best Recall by a Dog, and owner Caitlin along with Judge Mayor Pat.

Millie and the winner of Best Dog on a Leash.

Xena did a bunch of tricks for her owner Judy and won the prize for Best Dog Trick.

The category used to be "Ugliest but Cutest," but there's  nothing ugly about Jax (aka Babushka dog) who won "Cutest Dog."  Pictured with Lindsey, her son Lucas, and Mayor Pat.

Cooper -- the Best Dog!  with his owner Mike.  

Volunteer Guy Matt receives a Certificate of Appreciation for his "tireless yet cheerful" efforts on behalf of Dogbone Meadow.   

Volunteer Gal Judy receives a Certificate of Appreciation for her "energetic and creative" work to improve Dogbone Meadow.  Judy is one of the founders of Friends of Dogbone Meadow.

Fran and Bill Craig belatedly receive their Certificate of Appreciation at a lunch; they were recognized for their "countless goodhumored efforts on behalf of Dogbone Meadow."