​​History of Dogbone Meadow

In 1992, a group of dog owners organized D.O.G.B.O.N.E. (Dog Owners Group Bettering Our Novato Environment) to construct a fenced leash-free dog park in Novato.  Over the next five years there were fundraisers galore.













Two undeveloped acres in O'Hair Park were donated by the City of Novato.  In April 1998, D.O.G.B.O.N.E. and the City of Novato agreed that D.O.G.B.O.N.E. would provide materials and labor to build the park, and the City would assist with additional funding and provide access to utilities.  D.O.G.B.O.N.E. would build the park as a gift to the citizens of Novato, and the City would maintain it.  The City Council decreed that the park would be known as Dogbone Meadow. 


Ground was broken in summer 1999.   The designs for the park were approved by the City in April 2002, and construction of irrigation, landscaping, and park amenities began.













D.O.G.B.O.N.E.'s volunteer workforce completed the promised construction by the end of 2003, and the City stepped into its role as park protector.


Not that long ago, Dogbone Medow was almost closed when the City of Novato experienced lower than expected revenues. A last minute donation of $5,000 from Fireman's Fund kept it open, but dog park users became aware that they needed to participate in the costs of maintenance and improvements.  So Friends of Dogbone Meadow was created.




​​Friends of Dogbone Meadow was organized in February 2011 since D.O.G.B.O.N.E. had disbanded.  The group has donated $10,000 to the City of Novato.


In February 2011, FODM was honored by the California Parks and Recreation Society, District 1, with the 2011 Community Service Award "for outstanding service and support to the City of Novato Parks, Recreation, and Community Services."










Left to right:  Pat Ecklund , Renele  chaefer, Brian Pearson, Courtney Flavin, Pam Shinault (former director of Department of Parks and Recreation, and Karyn Kambur.


FODM has also been recognized by the Novato Community Alliance.











In addition to raising money with its yearly fundraisers, the group has gotten down and dirty to prune trees, pick up poop, and fill in holes.

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You Don't Have to Be a Member to Visit Dogbone Meadow

​​All well-behaved dog owners and dogs are welcome.  There's plenty of parking, lots of shade, running water, places to sit, and friendly people, as wellas quiet corners if you want to be on your own.





But Please Join Us

Membership is $20/year for individual membership.  Donations of any size are always welcome.  Membership information and the form can be found under the About tab.  











Donations of any size are always welcome! FODM is a public charity recognized by the IRS and State of California; donations are tax-deductible.  (See Donate tab.)












All donations and the net proceeds from fundraisers will go toward maintaining and improving the dog park.